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John Glenn joined forces with TeleSports, inc. forming a true powerhouse partnership. John is widely regarded as one of the premier information suppliers with nationwide contacts. There isn't a single matchup that John doesnt have his hands on in some way or another. An old-school guy from the midwest, John has paid his dues and made contacts that most people only dream of ever making. On Any Given Sunday, or any given day of the week, John can be on the phone with the kind of contacts that make or break the outcome of a game against the spread. John's street-wise upbringing has helped his magic touch when it comes to winning in a huge way. He is willing to prove that to anyone, just give him a call.

For the past 33 years, John has been able to make a profit at this game and hasn't shown any signs of falling off in any way.
In fact John's 50 Star* selections in Football and Baseball have increased in Winning percentage in each of the past 18 seasons.

In 2015-2016, last season, John played a grand total of 86 plays. He put together 67 wins and only 19 losses. Thats a winning percentage of 77.9%. That was witnessed by thousands of people in Las Vegas, hundreds of his cutomers, and thousands of people online. John is VERY confident this season will be even better. John has earned the respect of many, many people in all walks of life and has a lot of people banking on his success for yet another season in 2017-2018.


Give him a legitimate try. Click on his email and enter ... "Sample Play" or call him for a No Hassle introductory Play at 1 877 244 5617.

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